The essence of Radical Collective Intelligence (RCI) can be explained in simple terms. In order to get a really solid initial grasp of RCI, we recommend setting aside 30 minutes to watch the portions of the following video indexed immediately below:

From minute 3:48 through 8:08, please watch and listen to the introductory framing of the topic, which starts with some quotes from the book Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom.

From there, please jump ahead to the portion from minute 20:20 thru 30:32, in which I present a visual framework within which superintelligence plays the central role in orchestrating the simultaneous (and in many cases sequential) development and implementation of ALL of the solutions needed to save as much of life on Earth as possible.  This 10 minute portion covers everything except the key missing piece:  collective superintelligence.

From there, please skip ahead to the portion from 1:20:00 through 1:36:35, during which I unveil the key missing piece.  And if you want to go deeper still, starting at 1:42:30 I present some more “big picture” stuff.

The balance of the entire multi-hour video includes some rich discussion among the various participants – itself a really great example of collective intelligence in action.

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