If you are new to the concept of superintelligence, I—along with my former boss, Bill Gates—highly endorse this book:

Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom

We at Radish are pioneering a form of collective superintelligence: the key missing ingredient in the cauldron which Bostrom mentions in the following quote (Superintelligence, pg. 60):

“But what of the seemingly more fanciful idea that the Internet might one day “wake up”? Could the Internet become something more than just the backbone of a loosely integrated collective superintelligence — something more like a virtual skull housing an emerging unified superintellect? (This was one of the ways that superintelligence could arise according to Vernor Vinge’s influential 1993 essay, which coined the term “technological singularity”). Against this one could object that machine intelligence is hard enough to achieve through arduous engineering, and that it is incredible to suppose that it will arise spontaneously. However, the story need not be that some future version of the Internet suddenly becomes superintelligent by mere happenstance. A more plausible version of the scenario would be that the Internet accumulates improvements through the work of many people over many years — work to engineer better better search and information filtering algorithms, more powerful data representation formats, more capable autonomous software agents, and more efficient protocols governing the interactions between such bots — and that myriad incremental improvements eventually create the basis for some more unified form of web intelligence. It seems at least conceivable that such a web-based cognitive system, supersaturated with computer power and all other resources needed for explosive growth save for one crucial ingredient, could, when the final missing constituent is dropped into the cauldron, blaze up with superintelligence.”

For more on Collective Superintelligence as a category, we highly recommend that you spend 30 minutes watching the portions of the video that you will find by clicking the link below:

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