The Spiraling Method (thank you Drs. Baez and Baez)

Connections, a la James Burke 1980s

Transformational Series’ of Cascading Exponentials

N New Stories for Humanity

On Communities and Tribes

Black & White

Trend towards greater understanding and shared TRUTH

Solutions, Mega-Solutions, and Hyper-Solutions

Starting with the DUH obvious, and building from there:  SRM, CSI, Feeding everyone plant-based foods, etc.

What about people who don’t get it?

Jamen’s Personal Cascade

Everyone’s Personal Cascades:  Services within CSI to facilitate discovery of, and utilization of one’s past cascades and present state to optimize future cascades:  Duh, Inc., for the individual, group, organization . . .

Act your way into a new way of thinking, feeling, and being:  Community Cafes, OSS, Brooklyn, and beyond and the Definition of Awesome

The evolution of CSI, starting with the present community (Block Party and Solution Club):

The preceding was recorded two days ago, at the Solution Club, is a beautiful introduction to our community; about 45 minutes; please watch it 🙂

and evolving from these humble beginnings to what we have been envisioning, which you can learn more about here:

(the preceding was recorded in December 2019, and is a must see)

. . . as well as branching from there into some totally new areas, such as:

  • A new path forward, based on thinking around:
  • Castles and Kingdoms
  • Within the Castle:  Social Network, Membership, Commitment
  • Outside the Castle, but within the Kingdom:  Stuff like Reddit, in many cases paralleling “actual conversations” via videoconference, many-to-most of which will be live broadcast, transcribed, recorded, etc. . . . thus establishing deep connections and ongoing co-creation with the “outside the Castle” community
  • Not a United Kingdoms, but a United Castles (UC)
  • What has culture got to do with it, and can we play according to the CCC standard?
  • Imagine a UC, all of which agree to upholding the CCC standard in all conversations, in parallel with a UK-C (read United “Kingdoms modulo their respective Castles”; or “UK minus C” if you prefer.

Co-designing all the elements of the next Facebook:  The software, the culture, focus, marketing, cascades it will facilitate, etc.

In parallel, co-evolve the Trimming of The Trim Tabs (T4) generally . . . considering that CSI will have the best predictive model, with great “sensory networks” constantly updating the model and its predictions, and therefore the best collective vision and understanding of where and when to implement exactly which apparently small trim tab moves to do first.  And in life as in marketing, “it’s better to be first than it is to be better”. 

The Dawn of CCC CSI (“triple CSI”) and the Big T of transformation at all levels simultaneously (from individual to humanity to all of life on Earth)

T4 Injection Points, within each Series of Cascades, at all levels of the preceding Big T

Historical Engineering

Our Favorite Set of “Starter Singularities”:

  • CSI – Collective Superintelligence
  • The Conversation:  How do we save life on Earth?
  • Hyper-solutions:  “baskets” of solutions, mega-solutions, strategies, mega-strategies, stories, etc.
  • Operation Stone Soup:  OSS:  This is *one* specific hyper-solution “answer” to The Conversation
  • Brooklyn Eats:  the starting point for OSS
  • CI Block Party – well, now!
  • Solution Club – every Tuesday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific
  • Community Cafe
  • CCC – Certified Compassionate Companies
  • The Hungerless Games
  • What’s Next?

I will cover the visual of the evolution from The Conversation, through CSI / ACE (accelerated collective evolution), through the realm of Mega-Strategy, and finally to the precise sequence of T4 moves to get us to the (now obvious) solutions and transformations pending and so urgently needed now for us to achieve a Whole World.  This is key.

PLUS whatever YOU (yes, you!) would like to bring to the conversation.

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