Radish is a collaborative initiative to develop an AI-driven, Radical Collective Intelligence platform that, as the etymology of the word “radical” indicates, gets to the root of things.

Our initial goal is to prototype a system to draw upon the best ideas across multiple solution pathways in creating synergetic processes for solution design and implementation at global scale.

We invite members to join our Beta Community and participate in the project’s development. We are also open to partnerships with other groups who share this vision of holistic problem-solving via new levels of collective intelligence.

Radish is a Response to Our Human Situation

Our human-shaped world – Earth in the Anthropocene Era – is in the midst of an unprecedented systems breakdown and an emerging scenario of mass extinction.  If we as a species do not take action, unprecedented action, and soon – our human family and countless other species will suffer untold consequences. This is what the vital collective intelligence of our global scientific community is telling us. There is no question about it.

So we need put aside distractions to get to the root of things – by deepening our understanding of the problems we face and developing the solutions needed to solve them. Then we must reach across barriers and boundaries to engage our collective actions in a wholly new context: bringing required expertise and talents from innumerable specialized fields out of their silos and into high level collaborations to design and scale solutions.

The application of “Radical Collective Intelligence,” leveraging the infinite resources of human intelligence with the active support of AI as the “super-processor” of our collective intelligence – combined with big data – will pave the way for global holistic modeling and problem-solution mapping on a whole new level. Only then can we prioritize and implement the required solutions through massive multidisciplinary, cross-industry, transnational collaborations.

First Steps

The Radish project is gathering a community of solutionaries in its co-creation. The initial Radish.org site provides basic information on the project. The Conversation Space platform for searchable conversations is in development. Along with the growing variety of topics covered in the Radish Conversation Space, we will also be developing the Radish venture itself in conversation – and interaction with – our Beta Member Community.


  • Jamen Shively
    Jamen Shively Co-Founder and President

    Jamen has worked in technology, humanitarian and environmental projects since his early teens.  He co-founded Radish.org with the dream of creating a higher form of intelligence, to generate all of the solutions humanity needs to save life on Earth.

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  • Michael Call
    Michael Call Co-Founder

    Hailing from Seattle, Michael did undergraduate and graduate studies in Critical Theory at the University of Washington. To put theory into practice, he’s currently co-creating a “radical” form of Collective Intelligence as a platform for transformation. He resides in Bangkok.

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  • Michael Gosney
    Michael Gosney Co-Conspirator

    Michael Gosney is a publisher, digital media pioneer and thought leader in humanistic technology, conscious evolution and regenerative culture.

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  • Michael Gaio
    Michael Gaio Director, Technology & UX

    Michael is an internet pioneer, systems designer, creative technologist, evolutionary philosopher, and transmedia artist. Operating at the intersection of Information Technology, Psychology, and Experience Design (UX), Michael creates media experiences to actualize the human potential for transformation, and progress the evolution of culture, communications, and consciousness.

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  • Jamie A. Gilchrist
    Jamie A. Gilchrist Director, Government Relations

    Jamie A Gilchrist, is a Retired Detective, with broad and wide-ranging experience and expertise in Government Affairs and Operations. His career has included Criminal Investigation, Grant development and writing, Labor Contract development and negotiation, Working Dog Training and Deployment, as well as, Local, State, Military and Federal Task Force assignments in pursuit of international Narco-Terrorist Organizations. Jamie has participated in thousands of investigative matters ranging from local drug abuse, up to and including, complicated, multi-agency, global RICO, Tax Evasion, Human Trafficking, Child Pornography, Title 111,  as well as Top Secret matters with National Security implications, in the pursuit of Justice.

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  • Melissa Koch

    Melissa Koch is a visual artist and arts educator who spent her formative years on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus surrounded by a landscape filled with butterflies, pink flamingos, wild flowers and migratory birds. These were major influences that carried over into her work as sources of inspiration. Melissa studied architecture at The Architectural Association in London and after graduating worked for several well known architects notably Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster and Christopher Smallwood architects. She taught architecture for many years at the Architectural Association, The American College London and at Oxford.

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  • Jonathan (Tony) Toniolo
    Jonathan (Tony) Toniolo Intern

    Jonathan (Tony) Toniolo was born and raised in South Carolina by a family of Brazilian immigrants.  He graduated at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where he acquired a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies.  He plans on returning to CIIS this fall to pursue graduate studies in Integral Counseling Psychology, with a focus on psychedelic psychotherapy.

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