Abrupt Climate Change

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We are in the midst of a period of abrupt climate change which threatens our very existence here on planet earth.

Climate change has happened, with varying degrees of intensity (both heating and cooling) over the entire course of our planet’s history – it is nothing new. What is new and unique about right now, 2018, is that we have entered a period of exponential climate change. Prof. Guy McPherson has identified no fewer than 67 self-reinforcing feedback loops, all of which are contributing to the accelerated over-heating of our planet.

In the face of this abrupt climate change, we have very little time in which to act. Therefore, our actions must be carefully curated, in order to have maximum defensive impact.

In order to achieve the latter, we are bringing the full force of radical collective intelligence to bear on the problem: Using the full intellectual capacity of humanity plus various forms of enabling AI, we will find ALL of the solutions needed to halt abrupt climate change, and to the extent possible, reverse it.

It is important to understand both the root causes of abrupt climate change, and the full 360 degree scope of it. The following problems are all inter-related, and each of the following is both a driver of abrupt climate change, and a consequence of it:

  • The destruction of the biosphere
  • The mass-scale melting of ice – both sea ice (e.g., the arctic ice), and land-based (e.g., Greenland, Antarctica, glaciers, etc.).
  • Over-population of humanity
  • Destructive over-consumption, and gross mismanagement of the planet’s resources
  • Waste generation and mismanagement, at a scale far beyond what our planet can absorb
  • Massive scale forest fires

The moment is NOW for us to come together, co-create the platform for radical collective intelligence, and use this to co-create all of the solutions we need to save as much of life on earth as we possibly can, in the time that remains.

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