Why I participated in the Microsoft campaign – Sept 2018

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I am Adam Soul. I am the man who played the part of Obi Wan Kenobi along with Jamen Shively who was Darth Vader, James Gilchrist who played the part of the retired DEA officer and Melissa Koch who played the part of Princess Leah. I volunteered to join Jamen at the Microsoft Campus because I think Radical Collective Intelligence (RCI) can be used in virtual reality to build a plan that can lead mankind to safety when the time of transition comes. I also think Microsoft is well suited to make that happen. As far as I’m concerned the sooner it happens the better because when the platform is built and RCI is in place the plan that I have published (the Road to Life Plan) will be compared and tested against all other plans and I am confident that because my plan includes mankind ending our use of money that it will be the chosen plan. Additionally, there are two videos posted on the home page of radish.org that talk about the RCI and the Microsoft connection.

Adam, Jamen, Jamie (left to right)

Melissa Koch

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